Triple Cash Or Crash

April 28, 2023


Let TRIPLE CASH OR CRASH™ pump up your players to the maximum with exciting and EASY WINS! Satisfy your players with the opportunity to win up to 100,000x their bet and an edge-of-their-seat gaming experience! This latest innovative offering energizes players with an explosively good time right in the comfort of their own homes!

TRIPLE CASH OR CRASH™ features a trio of brave astronauts who blast off into space with your player’s bet. Their mission? To fly higher and higher as the multiplier earns more winnings by the millisecond! However, players must keep a sharp eye on their intuition and eject the astronauts safely from the rocket before it EXPLODES along with their winnings. The higher they fly, the higher your players’ bets are multiplied… IF they can escape in time, that is!

This cutting edge game format is appealing for its exciting theme, and exhilarating style of play!

Triple Cash Or Crash Game Features

Place a bet on your astronauts

During the TAKEOFF COUNTDOWN to the NEXT LAUNCH, place your bets on the crew by pressing the PLACE BET button next to each of the 3 astronauts. Adjust your bet by using the keyboard input or the < and > buttons.


3… 2… 1… Blast off!

The Rocket will take off at launch time and follow a trajectory through space while the win multiplier grows. The objective is to have your astronauts eject before the rocket explodes! The higher the rocket flies, the larger the multiplier!


Press the EJECT button next to each of the astronauts to eject them before the rocket explodes to claim your win! How high will your multiplier climb? You can also set the game to automatically eject your astronauts when a certain multiplier is reached.


Triple Cash Or Crash Gameplay Trailer

You can play Triple Cash Or Crash here.

You can play Triple Cash Or Crash here right now.

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