Gemini Joker

May 11, 2023


The GEMINI JOKER twins excite your players into the chance for frequent wins with every spin! Indulge your players with the opportunity to win up to 1700x their bet, plus the joy of a FREE RESPIN when a full reel of identical symbols appears on the first two reels with no winning paylines. This latest video slot offering from Betsoft charms players with a whimsical gaming experience brought right to their door!

GEMINI JOKER features a set of eccentric trickster jokers, leaving your players overjoyed with the chance for single-round frequent wins! Two is better than one in this game! While both Jokers are WILD symbols, the Golden Joker is a MULTIPLIER WILD, earning even more BIG WINS for your players with each additional Golden Joker appearing on the same line!

This highly popular game format is appealing for its playful theme, and simple style of play.

Gemini Joker Game Features

Stacked Reel Respin

Win FREE RESPIN when a full reel of identical symbols appears on the first two reels with no winning paylines, the first two reels are held in place and a FREE RESPIN is awarded on reels 3, 4, and 5.


Twin Wilds Symbols

More is more in GEMINI JOKER with not one, but two WILD symbols! The Red Joker is your standard WILD that substitutes for any symbol, while each Golden Joker applies a compounding 2x MULTIPLIER WILD, with 5 Golden Jokers offering an astounding 32x to the winning combination.

Multiplier Wheel

When all reel positions are lined up with the same symbol, one roll of the MULTIPLIER WHEEL is awarded. Players are randomly awarded any one of the multipliers, ranging from 2x to 10x.


Gemini Joker Gameplay Trailer

You can play Gemini Joker here.

Review / Summary

All in all, Gemini Joker is one of those slots you play once or twice and forget about. However, this is not a criticism. Games like this have their place in the market and we are happy to have Gemini Joker. There’s absolutely no depth, and the multiplier wheel feature, while exciting, is incredibly difficult to trigger. Still, it’s a lot of fun if you prefer simple things. As a bonus, this is a slot for the US and will be available throughout the US online he casino market.

You can play Gemini Joker here right now.

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